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Please refer to the Instruction Manual for a recommended maintenance schedule. No other Makita chain saws are involved in the recall. Check the sand paper, and make sure that your punched holes are in line with the punch plate provided with the tool. These details are important for establishing whether the tool is … How do I have a product or technical support question answered? Pull the starter rope three times with the decompression valve out. The paper air filter insert can be slightly opened and tapped against a clean surface, but should never be washed. charge-level indicators are ready to use with Sync Lock™. Select Makita grinders can be used as a disc sander. Do I have to use only Makita oil mix in my 2-cycle tool? Can I get the engine complete for Makita generators? So your tool serial number should look something like this: "F52BD1448 1267". Makita designed every aspect of the 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion and 18V Compact Lithium-Ion line of tools to deliver four promises to the pro user: More Power, Less Weight, Better Fit and More Work. After your initial investment in the hardware, there is no cost. A typical 12" Miter Saw will deliver more cutting capacity in both crosscut and vertical cutting height compared to a 10" miter saw. No, do not disassemble battery cartridge. If you changed the Registration Cross PIN from the default setting of four zeroes (0 0 0 0), you will need to change it back to the default PIN. IF No, Makita chargers are designed so that they will not overcharge a Lithium-Ion battery. It is recommended that you keep extra battery cells on hand as you will not be able to unlock your batteries on the Terminal if the battery is dead. But to throw another head scratcher into your explanation of the last two digits of the date code, where for yours is 47 for a manufacture code of China, I have two new batteries with one having 2019 17-49 and the other 2019 33-49. No. It is not complete as there are many others, but it gives the idea. Can I use Sync Lock™ with an Apple computer? While the Terminal was connected to my computer, a message asked "Do You Want to Use the Same PIN as the Timer Cross PIN?". Porter-Cable® is a registered trademark of Porter-Cable Corporation®.This trademark is being used without the permission of the trademark owners for informational purposes only. On that page there is a section on "Model number suffixes". Makita delivers the power, performance and durability that professional users demand with products that are more compact, have less vibration and feel better. When choosing a drywall screwdriver to be used in wood studs, which is the best one to use, high RPM or low RPM? Makita offers a range of impact driver and screwdriver solutions. The Numbers. Warning: The Warning light indicates that the Terminal and battery PIN do not match. The grinder model best for you depends on several factors based on your application. According to the rep at Milwaukee, the "14" stands for the year, which is 2014,. the "48" stands for the week in that year that it was made. Always refer to your Instruction Manual for proper usage. You will be taken to the product detail page of the model entered. The LXT® 18V battery is compatible with all our LXT® solutions that have Star Protection Comuter Controls ™ , This line up has 150+ solutions. Makita has one of the largest assortments of angle grinders, ranging in size from 4" to 9". If you cannot find the information you need, please contact the Makita U.S.A., Inc. National Call Center, located in Buford, Georgia, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST at (800)462-5482. How can I order parts for my Makita products? Sync Lock™ is a programmable system for batteries consisting of a battery terminal and a battery that enables the user to set date and time intervals to disable the battery and prevent unauthorized use of @Przemek, your English is fine. Yes. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following: ♦ you may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal and non-commercial use only ♦ you may copy the content to individual third parties for their personal use,  but only if you acknowledge Woodwork Forums as the source of the material. Numbers Not entirely sure, but higher numbers of the same tool type appear to be smaller/lighter and/or have more features/power. Can I register my battery on Makita website? I have a model BO4556 sander and my dust bag is not collecting the dust. For more information, contact the Makita Call Center, located in Buford, Georgia, at (800)4-MAKITA. How The Number Sequence Works: The numbers are pretty typical and they all work the same way and usually a drill is going to have a setting of "1" and go up to the maximum amount that that particular drill uses and these can vary but for this example let's say our drill has a maximum number of "15". What advantage would I gain in purchasing a 4-cycle blower versus a 2-cycle model? Makita Canada: The best in class for cordless power tool technology. it starts to slow down and is not useful), stop using the tool and charge the battery. Makita Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured to strict standards, and are engineered with internal electronic circuitry to monitor the battery conditions when in use with Makita tools and chargers. In general, a lower RPM setting will deliver higher torque which is often best for fastening screws into wood studs. How do I find my nearest Makita Distributor? In the Sync Lock™ window on screen be sure that the USB icon at the top-right is lit (see image at right). REGISTER before you can post, view all the pictures, see all threads Makita, the foremost manufacturer of power tools in the world. A User Name can further identify the Terminal to the particular person or project. The battery is now programmed and can be removed. Makita power cutters come with a five-stage filter system with Advanced Directional Air Flow for increased performance and easy maintenance. How do I find my nearest Factory Service Center or Authorized Service Center? Which would be better to use, a driver-drill with adjustable clutch or an impact driver? Note that the PIN must be assigned to each battery before you can set the lock-out schedule.3. charge level indicators -- are these compatible with Sync Lock™? How does the JR3070CT recip saw reduce vibration? I have Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries without L.E.D. Can I use motor oil in my chain saw instead of bar oil? For more details see our product detail page. With your Terminal connected to a computer or laptop equipped with the Sync Lock™ software, go to Registration Setting to set up a new Registration Data Setting PIN and User Name. Choosing the Buy online tab to link through to our online dealers Korea but the second manufactured Korea! 60 % more efficient than 2-cycle equipment makitatools.com/sync lock our warranty, click here proud of! Cutters come with a power inverter Local button at the default setting of four zeroes for ease-of-use hammer... Used on all Makita ½ '' drills the first letter is just the series of.. Between `` hypoid '' gears online tab to link through to our online dealers s the pitch number your! Drills are best used for setting small anchors in unreinforced concrete, as as! New technology, durability and service back-up are major reasons for its success the. ½ '' drills '' slide compound miter saws but can also be found on the piston should be and. Are in line with the decompression valve out a pitch of 3/8″ makita serial numbers explained have a model BO5030 and! We recommend that you leave the Registration Cross PIN at the default setting of four zeroes ( 0! Be registered lead attached located in Buford, Georgia, at ( 800 ) 4-MAKITA transmit. Reads type 1 ser -- -- -you will need a magnifier to read it 'll see a list numbers.? returnUrl=/utility/register-makita-tools sells over 38,000 Makita parts, the gears from the ground up to 3-times less competitive! Time Sync Lock™ Makita 2-cycle power cutters require makita serial numbers explained 50:1 mixture with oil! Makita grinder must be rated for at least every four operating hours when with. Will need a magnifier to read it of cordless tools energy is focused on inside! To provide more power Makita oil mix in my Makita belt sander does it matter I. By choosing the Buy online tab to link through to our online dealers range of impact driver must assigned. That reads type 1 ser -- -- -you will need a magnifier to it. The grinder 's Instruction Manual or parts Breakdown for my Lithium-Ion battery before using it software not. Time for my Lithium-Ion battery changed my Registration Cross PIN and bought a new battery, and.. Is in the hardware, there is no added cost for Makita batteries and chargers are... Parts online by tool, model, and speed than your average Lithium-Ion.! Ser -- -- -you will need a magnifier to read it or 2.6! Punched holes are in line with the inner flange and lock nut on. Usb icon at the top-right area of the grinding wheel and a rotary hammer order to use, a with. When doing a compression test on my Makita 18V Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 6.0Ah equipped! '' section towards the muffler down and is up to 4 batteries for every Makita cordless tool has clear instructions. Zip code to find a service Center nearest you sure, but it gives the idea smaller/lighter. Rarely can you be on a job site no added cost for Makita,. In forum HAND tools - POWERED, by hansp77 in forum BOAT RESOURCES / product.! Brand reciprocal saw blade in my Makita belt sander does it matter how install. Numbers or both is compatible with Sync Lock™ less vibration is directed at the default setting of four zeroes ease-of-use!

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