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By J.P. on September 4, 2019 on Gaming News - All Platforms Anthem, News, Patch, Update. Anthem. Salvaging animation latency in the Vault and Forge was reduced. Madden 21 and FIFA 21 Next-Gen Versions Out in December for Free, Features Announced, Dying Light Update 1.27 (or 1.26) October 27 Brings Lord Hector’s Demise, Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt & Beyond Light Roadmap Revealed, Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.13 October 27 Released, Here Are the Changes in v1.3.4, New Destiny 2 Weekly Reset & Eververse Items This Week October 27, 2020, NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Gameplay Features Our First Look at Uncut PS5 Gameplay, Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.08 Released, Includes Paid & Free Stuff, Hyper Scape Update 1.22 October 27 Now Out and Here’s What’s New, Fall Guys Getting Godzilla Crossover Character Skin Next Week, Red Dead Online Weekly Update October 27 + Halloween Bonuses. Fixed a bug that prevented formula bonuses from being applied, which caused unintended damage reduction in certain cases (Steam Vent ability and combo damage inscriptions). Anthem. Air Support: Defeating an enemy while hovering grants increased damage while on the ground for a short time; stacks up to 5 times. Party gather messages no longer appear at the edges of the “Temple of Scar” boss arena. I wont spoil the surprise for you, so go check it for yourselves and tell me if it is what you expected :), Hey Freelancers: you might want to check out the landmarks around Emerald Abyss. The Blockade: 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards – This appears to be the Colossus form of The Apprentice armor pack. Your source for all the latest Anthem news, updates, and content. Bug Fixes and Improvements Anthem 1.4.0 Patch Notes. Anthem Update 1.40 is on the PS4 18.7 GB in size, you have to download and install this client patch. Update 1.4.0 is also arriving on September 4! Fortnite – Visit Different Witch ShacksFind three witch houses on the Fortnite map - We show you the locations for the nightmare challenge! Anthem. Anthem Update 1.40 is on the PS4 18.7 GB in size, you have to download and install this client patch. Loot drops were removed from the first Ursix encounter in the “What Harken Wants” mission to prevent an exploit. The last piece of the Cataclysm puzzle – the Sea of Takaro event – is coming tomorrow. That’s what we’ll definitely be getting, but you let us know what you’re picking up in the comments. The Vault now works correctly when players open melee, then switch to Components in the menu. Various fixes and improvements to audio issues. September 10, 2019 Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp The Anthem store update for September 10, 2019 is now live. Guild invites can no longer be sent to players on different gaming platforms. If you want to see what a Sentinel in a Colossus would look like, grab this! All vanity items will remain unlocked for you if you decide to start a new pilot and play the story of Anthem … ANTHEM 1.7.0 adds back all events from 2019, ANTHEM Cataclysm Guide for Season of Skulls, ANTHEM Update 1.5.0 Chances Overview and Patch Notes, Elements of ANTHEM’s Cataclysm are still playable (Updated), ANTHEM Cataclysm Changes and New War Chests coming September 17, ANTHEM Seasonal Store Update | September 4, Cyberpunk 2077 release delayed with 21 days, SWTOR 6.1.4 New Mandalorian Inspired Cartel Market Items Review, SWTOR Feast of Prosperity Guide (Seasonal Event), ANTHEM Cataclysm Changes and New War Chests coming September 4, ANTHEM Cataclysm: All New Gear, Support Items and Weapons, What is the ANTHEM Seasonal Store (Introduction and Overview), ANTHEM Seasonal Store and Vanity Store Update | August 13, ANTHEM Seasonal Store and Vanity Store Update | August 20, ANTHEM Seasonal Store and Featured Store Update | August 27, ANTHEM 1.4.0 Changes Overview and Patch Notes. The main goal of the “Sea of Takaro” event is to carry 3 echoes to the echo consoles at the top of the water tunnel to disable the emitter field. Command Circuit: 36,000 Coin or 600 Shards – This graphic is probably the most iconic one in Anthem, get it. The Apprentice: 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards – This armor pack looks a lot like the Sentinels you’ll see stationed around Fort Tarsis. Home About Anthem Gameplay Features Game Modes The Lore of Anthem Ranger Javelin Colossus Javelin Interceptor Javelin Storm Javelin Accessibility New Player Hub Beginner FAQ Tips and Tricks Conviction Fan Art Kit Live Streams Wallpapers Social Kit … Anthem. Your source for all the latest Anthem updates notes. Jun 18, 2019. A new client-side Patch will also become available for download. Fixed a bug that stretched game display elements when playing the game on ultrawide monitors (21:9 ratio). Implemented a change that un-spawns/removes any additional enemies Vara has spawned once she is defeated. It is located in the Dark Passage District, far in the north, near the border of the map. Rust Bubbles (Painted): 12,000 Coin or 300 Shards – These rust bubbles will make your Javelin look far from pristine. I own all cosmetics from their first appearance back in Summer of 2019 and am thus unable to quote the pricing. Once the Seasonal Store is refreshed tomorrow, I will post a new one, collecting everything in one place. Fixed an issue that caused the Colossus shield to take no damage from projectiles. General Bug Fixes and Improvements Game Update 1.3.0 – August 6, 2019. Corrected the lighting of the cinematic scene that occurs after Vara is defeated. HUD opacity settings now apply to the player HUD in Fort Tarsis. By Vulkk Last updated Sep 4, 2019 Today is a special day for Anthem and its players! Each chest will include 1 Gear, Support or Melee piece for the javelin of that War Chest. Anthem. An unintended fog wall was removed from a doorway in the “Temple of Scar” mission. 04/09/2019. See here for details. Here are the two new inversions that will alter your gameplay and performance inside the Cataclysm for Week 5 (September 4 to September 9): Here are the articles I published in the previous four weeks, each one detailing all of the items above. I have published earlier today a handy guide with sources and information on how to find a group to play Anthem with. As the name of the region reveals – it is a dark cave full of… trouble and rewards. Week 5 of Anthem’s Cataclysm is just about to start, with one day delay. – Andrew Johnson, global community lead at BioWare for Anthem.

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