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Thrust: 5,390.10 kN (1,211,743 lbf). This gives Galaxy 11 a total payload of 64 active transponders. As of 2007 Mar 10 located at 64.19E drifting at 0.001W degrees per day. Sicral was built by Alenia Aerospazio and derived from the Italsat series. As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 53.02E drifting at 0.005E degrees per day. Höhe: 65cm As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 27.53W drifting at 0.006W degrees per day. 30. Launch time 2358 GMT. Third Ariane launch within three weeks. Stationed at 78.42 deg E. Positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 78 deg E in 1994-1999 As of 4 September 2001 located at 78.46 deg E drifting at 0.008 deg W per day. With a total of up to 76 C-Band 36 MHz equivalent unit transponders, Intelsat 907 provided 19% more capacity than the satellite it replaced. 1992 Ariane-44L H10+ V-50 Thaicom 2B / Inmarsat-2 F4: Erfolg: 0 9. Spacecraft: DirecTV uses the Hughes HS-601 spacecraft design.3-Axis stabilised, zero momentum biased control system. It was manufactured by ArianeGroup and marketed by Arianespace. [7] One concept studied had involved the addition of a fifth engine to an enlarged first stage of the Ariane 3, but was found to involve a very high level of redesign work to achieve this; instead, the first stage was elongated to hold 210 tonnes of propellant instead of the 145 tonnes present on the Ariane 3. Bitte geben Sie für die PLZ 5 oder 9 Ziffern ein. The total development cost for the Ariane 4 was valued at 476 million European Currency Units (ECU) in 1986. In comparison, while the Ariane 1 had a typical weight of 207 tonnes and could launch payloads of up to 1.7 tonnes into orbit; the larger Ariane 4 had a typical weight of 470 tonnes and could orbit payloads of up to 4.2 tonnes. Copyright © 2020 The Aerospace Corporation. 1991 Ariane-44L H10 V-48 Telecom 2A / Inmarsat-2 F3: Erfolg: 1992 26. Bitte geben Sie eine Nummer ein, die kleiner oder gleich 1 ist. Communications satellite. EUTELSAT is the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization. As of 3 September 2001 located at 107.30 deg W drifting at 0.006 deg W per day. On 22 February 1990, the first failure occurred during the eighth Ariane 4 launch: the rocket exploding 9 km above Kourou. 18 C-Band transponders. ARIANE 44L R/B is no longer on orbit NORAD ID: 27514 Int'l Code: 2002-041B Launch date: September 6, 2002 Source: France (FR) Launch site: FRENCH GUIANA (FRGUI) Decay date: 2002-12-04 Note: This is a ROCKET BODY Ariane 44L Intelsat 904 ‍V-147. As of 2007 Mar 10 located at 6.01E drifting at 0.004E degrees per day. Launching organization Arianespace. 539 Mill. West German DBS; 28.5 deg E. Communications satellite, position 28.5E Ariane 4 flight no 37. Das Startgewicht betrug zwischen 243 t und 480 t. Die Ariane 4 transportierte meistens zwei übereinander angeordnete Satelliten in die Umlaufbahn. The Yaogan 30-01-01 to 30-01-03 (Remote Sensing Satellite-30-01-01 to 30-01-03) satellites, were launched by CZ-2C rocket from China's Xichang spac... Glonass-K are the third generation of satellite design for GLONASS satellite navigation system. 25. 27. Inclination will be reduced to 0.1 deg and maintained. Payload: The 2.5 m diameter graphite transmit reflector performs beam shaping.16 x 120 watt Ka-Band (12.2 - 12.7 GHz) transponders with 48-53 dBw EIRP and 24 MHz bandwidth. The following 26 launches were all completed successfully thereafter. Geostationary longitude 93.5 +/- 0.1 deg E. Launch on Arianespace flight 58. As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 86.26E drifting at 1.156W degrees per day. Spacecraft launched by the Soyuz reused the payload platform and dispenser which had been originally designed for the Ariane. As of 2007 Mar 9 located at 164.51E drifting at 4.378W degrees per day. Revs/day: 14.1 Incl. [18], On 15 February 2003, the final launch of Ariane 4 rocket occurred, placing Intelsat 907 into geosynchronous orbit. It was to provide Internet, telephony, and television broadcasts to Europe, Asia, and Australia through its 72 C- and 22 Ku-band transponders after being parked over 64� E longitude. Pink Icon – vicinity of eyewitness sighting As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 114.89W drifting at 0.001W degrees per day. Telescoping dual-cylinder structure with deployed antennas. Februar 2003 erfolgte mit Flug 159 der letzte Start einer Ariane-4-Rakete. It lacked the high levels of commonality that the Ariane 4 had with its predecessors, and had been designed not only for launching heavier payloads of up to 5.2 tonnes and at a 20% cost reduction over the Ariane 4, but for a higher margin of safety due to the fact that the Ariane 5 was designed to conduct crewed space launches as well, being intended to transport astronauts using the proposed Hermes space vehicle. First Launch: 1989-06-05. The first two HiPATs were built by Marquardt/Van Nuys, but new ones were built at GD's Redmond site. As of 2007 Mar 9 located at 59.96E drifting at 0.000E degrees per day. Small hand-held radios could pick up the 24 to 96 radio channels available on the three L-band beams. Afristar was to broadcast digital radio over Africa and the Middle East. As of 2007 Mar 9 located at 25.89E drifting at 0.003E degrees per day. [5] The Ariane 4 would be a considerably larger and more flexible launcher that the earlier members of its family, being intended to compete with the upper end of launchers worldwide. White Line – day/night divider at predicted reentry time (Sun location shown by White Icon) An Ariane 44LP has two solid, two liquid boosters, and a 44L has four liquid-fuel boosters. Orange Line – area of visibility at the predicted reentry time for a ground observer Its head office was in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. As of 2007 Mar 10 located at 72.51W drifting at 0.011W degrees per day. Es ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Note: Possible reentry locations lie anywhere along the blue and yellow ground track. Positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 19 deg W in 1990-1997; 36 deg E in 1997-1999 As of 5 September 2001 located at 62.59 deg E drifting at 6.006 deg W per day. Registered by France in ST/SG/SER.E/234 and 239 until EUTELSAT can register the satellite. Compared with the Ariane 2 and 3, the Ariane 4 featured a stretched first (by 61%) and third stages, a strengthened structure, new propulsion bay layouts, new avionics, and the SPELDA (Structure Porteuse Externe de Lancement Double Ariane) dual-payload carrier. Anik F1 was a Telesat Canada communications satellite. Für diese Variante sind keine Fotos verfügbar. As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 91.01W drifting at 0.008W degrees per day. Positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 37 deg W in 1989-1990; 24 deg W in 1990-1991; 55 deg E in 1991; 60 deg E in 1992; 63 deg E in 1992-1997; 62 deg E in 1997-1999 As of 29 August 2001 located at 62.02 deg E drifting at 0.018 deg W per day. Ariane 4 was the last Ariane powered by Viking-series engines. Diameter: 3.80 m (12.40 ft). The satellite had C-band beams for the Atlantic region and a Ku-band spot beam for Europe, and an R-4D liquid apogee engine. 1/144 ESA Ariane 40 resin unbuilt scale model rocket kit, 1/144 ESA Vega resin unbuilt scale model rocket kit, MSD 44002 Russian Soyuz-TM Rocket System 1:144 Model kit, 1/144 ESA Ariane 42L resin unbuilt scale model rocket kit, Apex 1/144 Vostok carrier rocket Sputnik, PST 1/72 T 55 medium tank, 1/144 ESA Ariane 44L resin unbuilt scale model rocket kit, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}, Zum Heranzoomen mit der Maus über das Bild fahren. As of 4 September 2001 located at 56.46 deg E drifting at 0.118 deg E per day. Launch delayed from mid-March. Breite: 16cm [14] For some years, Ariane 4 and Ariane 5 launchers were operated interchangeably; however, it was eventually decided to terminate all Ariane 4 operations in favour of concentrating on the newer Ariane 5. As of 2007 Mar 10 located at 24.29E drifting at 0.020W degrees per day. Final Ariane 4 launch. Stationed at 31 deg E. Positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 31 deg E in 1992-1997; 55 deg E in 1998-1999 As of 5 September 2001 located at 55.07 deg E drifting at 0.005 deg E per day. [5], Posed with the requirement to produce a rocket with substantially greater thrust, the design team considered various approaches to achieve this. This allowed Dornier and Alcatel to deliver the satellite in a record twelve months. Heaviest Ariane 4 payload ever. Originally designed to place 2.0–4.2 tonne payloads in geostationary orbit, the six Ariane 4 variants, aided by strap-on boosters, enabled the launch of payloads in excess of 4.9 tonnes on several occasions. It was manufactured by ArianeGroup and marketed by Arianespace.Since its first flight on 15 June 1988 until the final flight on 15 February 2003, it attained 113 successful launches out of 116 total launches. Positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 16 deg E in 2001 As of 26 August 2001 located at 16.27 deg E drifting at 0.004 deg W per day. JCSAT 8 was a Boeing BSS-601 with a launch mass of 2600 kg and a dry mass around 1200 kg. As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 95.01E drifting at 0.008W degrees per day. Intelsat 904 had a dry mass of 2350 kg and carried 2330 kg of fuel. Payload: 4,790 kg (10,560 lb) to a GTO, 7 deg. Spacecraft: Based on Hughes 393 bus. As of 2007 Mar 5 located at 25.76W drifting at 0.201W degrees per day. Intelsat 901 was an FS-1300HL, an improved version of the long-standing Space Systems/Loral (originally Aeronutronic Ford) FS-1300 platform.

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