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These three simple ingredients make one amazing DIY leave in conditioner spray! Multiple Uses. Thin hair requires a more light weight liquid leave-in conditioner as heavy creamy products would only cause it to become weighed down. Ingredients: 1. Conditioner #1: Easy Leave-In Conditioner. Leave-in conditioner is a product that is applied to the hair after you showered and is meant to stay in. Thick and /or coarse hair can better handle such heavy products. You just need a clean spray bottle and a bottle of your favorite conditioner. Just combine, shake, and your hair will thank you. It can help you cure dandruff and provides ample moisture to your hair.. There are many home staples that can be used to make leave-in conditioners … Making a leave-in conditioner out of your regular conditioner is super easy and very affordable. How to make homemade leave-in conditioner. It can also be used as a hair detangler or a hair styling product. Creamy leave-in conditioner (hair conditioner that isn't rinsed out after it's applied) keeps your hair moist. This DIY homemade leave-in conditioner is very beneficial for the hair. It can be especially beneficial for curly hair and dry hair. 2 TSP Aloe Vera … It's rubbed or sprayed into your hair when it's dry. My favorite DIYs are multi-purpose ones, and this DIY leave in conditioner … To make your own, you will add an oil--such as olive … The simplest DIY leave-in conditioner is one that makes use of your favorite store-bought conditioner. Leave-in conditioners will moisturize the hair leaving it softer, smoother, and shinier. 2 TSP Jojoba Oil 2.

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