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For a long time, recipes were written in a narrative style, with the ingredients and method intermixed. Making your own recipe book is just like writing any other Book Template—every recipe has its own stories and own specifics. The recipe for “An Excellent Catsup which will keep for more than twenty years” from The Universal Receipt Book by Priscilla Homespun (1818) is a good example — it’s written almost as a dictation to an assistant or trainee. Read through this article to get helpful yummy tips and samples for making your own recipe book. My favorite example of this is frying garlic — garlic burns quickly so I always make sure to mention it when writing a recipe. Printable Recipe Book Template And before you start into writing one, there are things you need to gather and consider. Try not to be repetitive. If you tell the user that they need one cup of low-fat chicken broth in the ingredients, no need to tell them to add one cup of low-fat chicken broth to the soup, just tell them to add the broth.

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