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Although green-seed cotton was extensively obtainable, it took a lot of time and labor to extract the fiber. He left a widow and his four children behind. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Eli Whitney on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. There had been major innovations in arms manufacture since the senior Whitney's adaptations of the French Charleville musket in the early1800s. [10], After validation of the patent, the legislature of South Carolina voted $50,000 for the rights for that state, while North Carolina levied a license tax for five years, from which about $30,000 was realized. Dec 8 1765 - Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, Jan 8 1825 - New Haven, Connecticut, United States, Frances Edwards Chaplain (born Whitney), Eli Whitney III, Susan Edwards Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Carsley (born Whitney), Abraham Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Blake (born Whitney), Benjamin Whitney, Josiah Whitney, Eli Whitney, Elias Whitney I, Elizabeth Whitney (born Fay), Susan Edwards Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Whitney, Eli Whitney III, Josiah Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Blake (born Whitney), Eli Whitney II, Benjamin Whitney, Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, (present USA), New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, United States, http://www.pratthistory.com/whitney_or_homes.htm, Eli Whitney, Jr. worked as Invented cotton gin, farm laborer; teacher; inventor: cotton gin, mass production. Although the younger Eli, born in 1765, could technically be called a "Junior", history has never known him as such. Resentment at this scheme, the mechanical simplicity of the device and the primitive state of patent law, made infringement inevitable. The caption states "The First Cotton Gin". The cotton seeds would not fit through the mesh and fell outside. Epidemics of typhoid, cholera, and gastroenteritis took a regular toll of the population.9 More seriously, it became apparent that, should New Haven be struck with a major fire — such as that which struck Long Wharf in 1820, destroying 30 stores and warehouses, or the fire at Orange and Chapel Streets, which in 1837 destroyed twenty buildings - the city would be powerless to fight it.10. Elizabeth Fay Whitney (1819-1852) 3. Aujourd'hui, les membres de la famille Whitney sont toujours impliqués dans les courses de chevaux. A new dam made it possible to consolidate his operations—originally located in three sites along the Mill River—in a single plant. The only problem was that Walker wanted the revolvers delivered within six months. Whitney was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 1975. http://wiki.whitneygen.org/wrg/index.php/Family:Whitney%2C_Eli_%281765-1825%29. Certains membres de la famille étaient hommes d'État, chefs d'entreprise, financiers, philanthropes. Eli Whitney, Jr., the only son of inventor Eli and his wife Henrietta Edwards Whitney was born on November 20, 1820. But as the proprietor of a manufactory which was in desperate need of up-grading its power supply, he had a more clearly defined and personal interest. Whatever mistakes Whitney may have made in the 18405, he more than compensated for in the 50s and 6os. His son, born in 1820, also named Eli, was well known during his lifetime and afterward by the name "Eli Whitney, Jr.". There is a claim that Tennessee paid, perhaps, $10,000. In a few weeks Whitney produced a model. John & Elinor (Eleanor) were also the parents of Deacon Joshua Whitney, who married Abigail Tarbell. Later on Eli grew up and got married to Henrietta Edwards on January 8, 1817. Resentment at this scheme, the mechanical simplicity of the device and the primitive state of patent law, made infringement inevitable. Even with the delay, he got another order for 15,000 muskets, which he supplied in two years. Eli (Eli, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John, John & Elinor), Whitney's 4th Great Grandfather was John Whitney, who married Elinor before 1619. The roller gin was the first cotton gin. Whitney died at age 59 of prostate cancer on January 8, 1825, in New Haven, Connecticut, leaving a widow and four children.

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