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His type of woman goes along the lines of a "flower that blooms in the wild". Shirou is unable to identify him from sight at first in comparison to his older self, and he finds it hard to believe they are the same person even after being told, though this is more due to their great differences in personality. Unlike the adult Gil, Kid Gil is a good boy with an adorable personality. In contrast to his older self, Child-Gil was praised and lauded by the citizens of Uruk to the point of infatuation as tolerant, sage, fair, and moral. アンロック条件:絆レベルを1にすると開放 保有スキル Gil benefits more than Euryale for extra stats. Rank: B+ 性酷薄にして無情。人の意見を聞き届けず、己の基準のみを絶対とする暴君――といった性質は、この姿の彼には当てはまらない。 The efficacy of the Noble Phantasm, Sha Naqba Imuru, is tremendous; not to mention the opponent's True Name and Noble Phantasm, it can even see through a heavily concealed truth with a single glance. In that case, pick whichever one you like the best. You can easily deal with pretty much any Saber that is not any Exhibition/Raid Quest tier bullshit by relying on support Archurias, Orions and etc. Independent Action: A いろんな普段着を持ち、お気に入りは凛ルー卜で着ているあのライダースーツ。 looking at status and skills Gil seems a like a more solid option,i don't have a golden Archer and he was my first servant so i was thinking in upgrading him to a SR using grails and stop pulling for archers. April Fool Stage 1 なにしろ「煤で汚れるから」と士郎たちを見逃すほど。 As no proper Heroic Spirit can match this man, he could be called the "Servant Killer". The only "flaw" that could be described at the point is that he respected the gods without submitting to them. Yeah, there are some hard content which has multiple bosses like Nero Fest and some of the Ozy battles in Camelot, but most of the time hard bosses have either two weak mobs or none at all. Increases own NP generation rate for 3 turns. As a child, he was considered to be a king with aptitude for ruling superior to all others, the "epitome of the ideal boy king." Archer's True Name is Gilgamesh. Golden Rule: A Even Shirou is rather fond of him. Honestly, I'd take Billy. Region: West Asia Rank: EX Euryale is situationally very strong, but much less so outside of those situations. Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Child-Gil?oldid=160903. ; He shares the exact HP values at both minimum and maximum with Napoléon. As always, don't Grail for stats, Grail for love. Despite that, he lacks the "Conceitful" skill possessed by his older self and displays better usage with his limited weaponry, so it could be said he is stronger as a child in that sense. His crits hurt , those poor Saber Camelot knights agree , and I've used him with Nightingale before and laughed as the enemy's NP did 2 digits damage on my team (I think it was that bonus Darius from Fate/Zero event). Agility: C It is not sure if this is something in which "he", who manifested in his usual state, became younger by eating the miracle drug of rejuvenation, or if he had manifested in the form of his younger days from the beginning. many thanks :) i considered Robin as well but i don't really understood how to use his skills, to the max seems like i have to poison someone before using a NP or something, Gil has a lot of good skills so Gil will be. 通常状態で現界した「彼」が若返りの霊薬を口にして幼くなったモノか、幼い時期の形態で最初から現界したモノなのか、定かではない。. Interlude Thus, maybe he has even attained a piece of the truth regarding the demise of human history. Alignment: Chaotic Good Strength: C certain Noble Phantasm to change his appearance and personality. ; He shares the exact HP values at minimum with Gilgamesh (Caster) and Miyu Edelfelt. For more details, refer to his status screen in the game. Gender: Male About that pulling gold archer thing, hahaha, I should tell you guys that desire sensor is a thing though, don't bet on it considering gold archer pool is small, my main is 1 year old and I still haven't pulled a single gold archer, not even garcher. クラス別能力 Fundamentally, a polite and modest boy. Stage 3 人を惹き付ける美少年の性質を示すスキル。 Level 1 Bond Child-Gil - Archer Who cares If they are scarce or that OP is going to pull an Archer earlier or later. FGO is already pretty easy to begin with. … I wonder how billy measures up to the 4* Archers critwise. If you got any of the good Gold Archers (anybody but Atalanta really) then there's no point bothering. Gilgamesh utilizes his child form for much of Fate/hollow ataraxia to act low-profile in Fuyuki City and avoid interacting with previous Servants or Masters. 神性 B 常時発動型の宝具。本作において真名解放を行う宝具はあくまで『王の財宝』である。. Trivia. The evil side being stronger, takes more of a toll on a persons body. 単独行動 A Though he lost due to obsession against Saber… https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Kid_Gil?oldid=868227. It might seem strange how Gil could live in human society for ten years with a personality like his and not cause a fuss, but Gil must have realized it would have been a problem, too, because apparently he drank a 常時発動しているような状態ではあるものの、意図的に制限している節も見受けられる。 Rank: EX  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm Stage 4 Sprite 2 Charisma: A+ New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Gil’s skillset is kinda bland, much like his 5* version. TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Every once in a while, though, you'll catch a side of him that reminds you he's still the same Gil. [3] In Fate/Grand Order, when asked the thing he hated, he becomes reproachful to his master but answers that it is his adult self and sadly wonders why he becomes like that. 地域:西アジア サーヴァントキラーとも言える存在で、まっとうな英霊はこの男には敵わない。 衝撃、主人公の命の価値はギル様の上着以下だったのだー! He only watches over the Master's fight and smiles. There is a fine line when farming that having more damage is useless, whereas having more damage against bosses is always good since you are never one-shotting them (unless they are low level). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He may spare no efforts in his assistance, but still--, 子ギル - アーチャー His strongest competitor in terms of grails is probably Robin, with a weaker Golden Rule+arts NP and similar increases in damage from grails (if Ko-Gil keeps hitting multiple targets), although Kuro's a very good substitute for him if you have her. His nature is cruel and heartless. 宝具:EX 男女を問わずに魅了の魔術的効果として働くが、対魔力スキルで回避可能。 Voice Actor: Aya Endō It is believed that what is acting as the model for his mentality is the heart from when he was called a wise ruler in the past. ○紅顔の美少年:C 宝具 looking at status and skills Gil seems a like a more solid option,i don't have a golden Archer and he was my first servant so i was thinking in upgrading him to a SR using grails and stop pulling for archers. My maxed (Grail, skills and bond) Gil-kun is very happy to see that he's loved XD I'd say that I agree with pretty much everything you said. アンロック条件:「野に咲く花の愛でかた」をクリアすると開放 Euryale completely shits on male opponents, though Sabers specifically. Please remember that Grails are THE MOST SCARCE RESOURCE IN THE GAME. Source: Historical Fact, Epic of Gilgamesh If you're already set on wanting to grail Ko-Gil, he's definitely not a bad choice.

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