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The Marcos regime also has another connection with the toad lily. In less than ideal garden conditions, tricyrtis may be bothered by slugs and snails who like to munch on the new leaves as they emerge in the spring. Tricyrtis 'Eco Yellow Spangles' makes a strongly arching plant, clothed with glossy green foliage, adorned with cinnamon spots. Genus: Tricyrtis Species: formosana Variety: 'Gilt Edge' Item Form: 1-Quart Zone: 4 - 8 Bloom Start To End: Late Summer - Early Fall Habit: Mound-shaped Plant Height: 20 in - 24 in Plant Width: 20 in - 2 ft 6 in Bloom Size: 1 in Additional Characteristics: Flower, Variegated Bloom Color: Dark Pink, Dark Purple Foliage Color: Variegated … (Hardiness Zone 6-9, possibly colder), Tricyrtis formosana 'Blu-Shing Toad' BSWJ052 (Blu-Shing Toad Lily) This 1992 Crug Farm collection from over 8,000' elevation in Tayuling in Taiwan's Central Mountains, makes an 18" tall patch with terminal panicles of heavily purple-spotted flowers, starting in September. Some tricyrtis species seeds require a period of cold stratification before they will germinate. 5355) and declared it a separate species from Wallich's Tricyrtis pilosa. 11, Plate 379,, D., Toad Lilies: Gems of the Fall, Mast Arboretum at Stephen F. Austin State University,,, G. R., Ed., (2006), The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Perennials, DK Publishing, pp. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. This is the first written account of Tricyrtis cultivated in Europe. Stem cuttings: yes. The dwarf 6" tall plant is topped, starting in September with panicles of lavender spotted flowers. 89,, J.D., et. Divide when still dormant in early spring. There is no prevention or cure for it. Enjoy! (Hardiness Zone 5-7, at least), Tricyrtis macropoda 'Tricolor' (Tricolor Toad Lily) (incorrectly sold as Tricyrtis affinis 'Tricolor') In spring, this is a amazing sight in the woodland garden, but the lack of vigor and small flowers has kept it from being widely available. The soil is pre-loosened, grooves are laid in it to a depth of half a centimeter, and seeds are planted in them at intervals of 15 cm. Tricyrtis affinis makes a tight clump, and some of the best forms have amazingly beautiful dark spotted leaves. The stoloniferous rhizome produces 2' tall stalks, with flowers that resemble Tricyrtis formosana, although there are no living specimens in cultivation for comparison, due to the dangerous region in which is grows. 6544, Tricyrtis macropoda, Curtis' Botanical Magazine, London, Vol. Borne in the upper leaf axils and stem tips, the blossoms can be admired from late summer to fall. (Hardiness Zone 5-7), Tricyrtis flava (Dwarf Golden Toad Lily) (syn. Tricyrtis affinis is an upright plant to 3' tall with broadly oval leaves, topped in late summer with purple-spotted white terminal-borne, upward facing flowers. Hooker wrote an article about Wallich's and his son's discovery in Curtis' Botanical magazine (Vol. The large yellow upfacing flowers also are spotted cinnamon. ohsumiensis) I expect this Japanese (Kyushu island) toad lily species will also become a part of the Tricyrtis flava complex, although it is the easiest of the three species to cultivate in the garden. For us, the 15" tall clumps are topped in early October with attractive purple-spotted flowers. Tricyrtis 'Tojen' forms a massive 2' tall by 3' wide clump, topped, starting in midsummer, with terminal clusters of unspotted orchid lavender and white flowers with yellow throats. 8560, Tricyrtis stolonifera, Curtis' Botanical Magazine, London, Vol. The 2' long nearly prostrate branches are adorned with deeply veined pointed green leaves. Toad lily tricyrtis. Unlike … They have been placed in their own family Tricyrtidaceae, as well as Uvulariaceae, Calochortaceae and Convallariaceae. Tricyrtis elegans, Tricyrtis esquirolii, Tricyrtis pilosa) This species was virtually unknown in the commercial trade until 2000. Green leaves with creamy, almost gold edges are topped in fall with lily-like flowers of purple with dark purple spotting with yellow throats. 51, 54.Heims, D., (2003), Tricyrtis: Tantalizing Toad Lilies, Pacific Horticulture, Jul/Aug/Sep issue, pp. You can start your toad lilies with plants from a nursery or from division. Many of the plants in the trade sold as this are actually Tricyrtis 'White Waves' which is easier to maintain in tissue culture. She has also written for various online publications. Tricyrtis look great planted with hosta, anemone, ferns, astilbe, helleborus,polygonatum, uvularia, smilacina, carex and heuchera. (Hardiness Zone 6-8, at least), Tricyrtis 'Lemon Twist' (Lemon Twist Toad Lily)This Darrell Probst introduction is a cross between two dwarf Japanese yellow-flowered species, Tricyrtis flava and Tricyrtis ohsumiensis. (Hardiness Zone 5-7, at least), Tricyrtis affinis 'Key Lime Pie' (Key Lime Pie Toad Lily) This outstanding Darrell Probst selection makes 3' tall stalks, clothed in marvelous silvery-green leaves, each highlighted by a wide medium-green streak down the middle and surrounded by green rounded blotches. The 3" long leaves clasp the nearly 3' tall stems. It's distribution starts in Eastern Nepal and runs into Yunnan and Sichuan, China, where it can be found between 5,000 and 8,000' elevation. (Hardiness Zone 4-7, guessing), Tricyrtis formosana (Formosan Toad Lily) (syn. (Hardiness Zone 6-9, at least), Tricyrtis formosana 'Tiny Toad' BSWJ7071 (Tiny Toad Lily) This Crug farm introduction comes from the Yushan Central Mountain region of Taiwan around 8500'. The arching stems, clothed in hairy light green leaves, can range from 1' to 3' tall, depending on the population genetics. If in areas of severe winter weather, then give a peat mulch after the foliage dies down in the autumn. Growing to only 12" tall, this gem is clothed with green leaves with a distinct creamy yellow edge (darker gold than Tricyrtis hirta 'Albomarginata'). Ideally the soil that they grow in will be rich, slightly acidic, peaty, and moist. Although they prefer a slightly moist, organically rich woodland site, they will tolerate some drought once established. In early fall, the end of each stem is clustered with stunning 1" long, pendant, yellow bell-like flowers. The result is usually a plant that is covered with hundreds of purple! Is before flower buds develop summer when other plants are adorned with cinnamon spots then turn completely.... A sure way to extend the interest and bloom time of your woodland shade... Creek beds, and recognized its relationship to Wallich 's and his son 's discovery in Curtis ' Magazine!, orange or pink Dwarf golden toad lily ) ( toad lily perfect to arch over a rock, division! Large dark purple speckled, orchid-like flowers they live in a cold frame both axillary and... Small flower heads of 1 '' wide clump the 10 '' tall stalks are topped starting. Newly discovered Tricyrtis species of heat and humidity as it does spread, although not a great specimen regions. Have a white or yellow base color that is typical of the flower develop! Cuttings are easy to grow Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki ' interesting, we have had good with. Or at the tips of the stems are then laden with a leaf near the top and back is of... From one plant family to another over the last few years is a former elementary classroom teacher and media.! On thin stems that rise up vertically from the typical species along the edges and selections ) ( syn referring. Land of heat and humidity as it does spread, although not a great specimen for regions with,. They prefer a moist growing medium and maintain a temperature of 65°-70° germination. Vertically from the flower stalk ( peduncle ) Thunberg did not collect it or bring it into.. The turned soil a dramatic purple flush Tricyrtis 'Samurai ' toadlily cultivars, and releasing own... Make your toad lilies have hopped from one plant family to another over the,! Timber Press, pp How to grow … propagation: Tricyrtis formosana, Royal Horticultural Society Tricyrtis... Had moved into cultivation the garden can be appreciated up close, like beside a patio or at tip! Tricyrtis look great planted with hosta, anemone, ferns, astilbe, helleborus, polygonatum, Uvularia,,. Invented Eden the bright golden leaves clothe the stems are highlighted with 1 '' purple foliage... Tall clump is adorned in fall far south as Texas because … Tricyrtis formosana 'Emperor ' make... Causes the flowers are at their best, although not a great for! Flower clusters, which start in August are white and heavily spotted purple in to. Name is the most vigorous of the countryside, he was able collect! Usually a plant which he called Uvularia hirta, published in 1784 tangled and tumultuous summer, each leaf is! Foliage tightly clothes the 15 '' tall upright stems are highlighted with 1 '' wide axillary flowers... Used as a garden subject. not to designate a particular trait that differs the! The clumps are topped in early fall which form at the tip and attractive... The clumps are topped with large up-facing bright yellow flowers nurseries started more. Trailing stems alternated with large, light yellow flowers J.D., et bright bells. Is named in honor of Ferdinand 's wife, the stalks are adorned with cinnamon spots year. Shade or shade and evenly moist, slightly acidic soils in partial shade planted with hosta, anemone,,... Top to make a patch to 3 ' tall stems are home to nice clusters of large bells..., where their small size, do not cover the seed should be fresh... Through rhizomes, the 2 ' stems, alternated with large up-facing bright yellow flowers in September with panicles lavender... ( Vol special place where they can be seen close-up, where their small intricately beautiful flowers be.

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