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These space saving subwoofers won’t shatter your car windows with bass but they will definitely supply you with some deep, rich bass beats added to your music. Also, depending on your vehicle type, you might need to make some modifications for a proper fit. It’s a component subwoofer with a peak power handling of 1,000 watts and continuous RMS power of 250 watts. The inverted-style cone design also promotes easy installation and makes subwoofers more durable. As usual Rockford Fosgate takes a product idea and makes it better with these dual 8” shallow mount subwoofers. For those who want a deal on a shallow-mount subwoofer with crisp and clean low frequencies, check out the JBL Club WS1200. It's also important to mention that these subwoofers feature polypropylene cones. The thing that makes these subwoofers special is the Selectable Smart Impedance. The advanced part is the construction and this speaker features cast alloy frame, mica-filled polypropylene cone, and rubber surround with modern materials incorporated into the design. The speaker will function best when mounted in a ported box, which requires more space. Rank No. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to buy a new subwoofer if you needed to include an amplifier in your car audio system. It should be noted that this rating is for peak performance. On top of that, it has a sensitivity of 81 decibels and dual 4-ohm impedance. The Massive Audio subwoofer is feature-packed and aiming for first place in its category. This product is for users that need one powerful shallow mount subwoofer with good power and quality. Enclosed subwoofers do not include amplifiers, so you will need to purchase one separately. It is a single 12-inch speaker built with fiberglass cone with rubber surround. Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 10 Shallow Mount Subwoofer, 9. Dual-voice coils give you flexibility when it comes to adding additional sound outputs. This Subwoofer can be mounted to any vehicle, adaptable both for the trunk or under the seat. Its dimensions suggest that the only place for this unit is a rear deck. With these subwoofers, Rockford Fosgate takes the meaning of the words ‘shallow mount’ very seriously. A subwoofer is limited to the frequency range it can attain. It has a selectable impedance that allows for flexibility when configuring your system. If you don't have much space or want to put the subwoofer in an out-of-the-way spot, this is one way to do it. One of the reasons this space saving subwoofer mounts so easily is because it only needs to be recessed a small 3 1/8”. A: This depends on the amount of peak power and RMS the subwoofer is rated for. Since this is a pretty big speaker, it’s expected of it to be powerful, and this one has 1200 Watts of peak power and 600 Watts of RMS which is quite a lot and more than enough for a regular in-car audio enthusiast. Although the sound is quite decent, some buyers prefer a more powerful output. Kicker CVT124 Shallow-Mount CompVT Series Car Subwoofer. That means you will be most likely to mount it easily in your rear dashboard, trunk or even in a wider door panel in your vehicle. Other ‘Electronics’ Reviews You Might Like: Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. This shallow mount subwoofer will thump pretty well when you feed it its recommended 150 RMS watts of power. For the very affordable price of $122, you will get one big 12-inch speaker with nice specifications and features. We have 12 of the top shallow mount subwoofers on the market and after reading our reviews, we are sure that you will find the best one for your car, truck or sports car. An enclosed subwoofer is pre-mounted inside an enclosure that is specifically designed to contain it. Paper is less durable but is lightweight and has a quick response. However, the main concern with this subwoofer is the installation. The Rockford Fosgate R2 is a 10-inch speaker with polypropylene cone and rugged design. They’re suitable for all kinds of vehicles, especially those with limited free space. #6. A delicate build, comprised of the paper cone and premium foam surround, it fairs as a mid-range price item in its category. Overall, the subwoofer is uniquely designed, stylish, and very durable. This kind of material is of great support for high power applications. The whole speaker is made out of modern and durable materials such as polypropylene cone and Santoprene surround. Furthermore, the subwoofers are very easy to install. The MB Quart shallow subwoofer offers a peak power of 400 watts and an RMS power of 200 watts. The numbers are quite impressive, especially combined with the frequency response from 30 to 350 hertz and the overall sensitivity of 85.1 decibels. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. This one is a slightly larger 10” subwoofer model than the last shallow recess subwoofer we reviewed from them. Most enclosed subwoofers come contained in pre-mounted boxes, but many require you to order their own or build it yourself. They feature a low-profile design to fit the most shallow areas, which makes them ideal for small vehicles with limited space. Smaller and cheaper than the previous product is Alpine Swr-t10 shallow mount subwoofer. This shallow mount subwoofer works great because of the amount of air it moves when working. We have compiled several reviews of the best shallow mount subwoofers on the market and we are sure that you will find the one that will perfectly suit your needs. A subwoofer that operates at its highest rating for an extended period of time will eventually overheat and fail. A: Enclosures greatly affect the sound of the bass. Rockford Fosgate Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer. The power is decent at 600 Watts of peak and 300 Watts of RMS. It's a model that looks great in all vehicle types and proves to be quite powerful as well. The model is not as cost-efficient as other options on our list. That makes it suitable for tight and shallow areas in your vehicle. Rockville W12T4S2 12" Shallow Mount 1400W Car Subwoofer, CEA Compliant, 2-Ohm. If you want to get a deep, low frequency, choose a sub in a sealed box. The company produces high-quality audio products for home, marine, and automotive applications, with the special distinction of being considered a pioneer in the latter category. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer, Kicker CVT124 Shallow-Mount CompVT Series Car Subwoofer, Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10 DVC Shallow Subwoofer, PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 Shallow-Mount Subwoofer, 13TW5V2-2 – JL Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofer. Alphasonik AS12DF 12" 1500 Watts 4-Ohm Down Fire Shallow Mount Flat Enclosed Sub woofer for Ti… It seems that the mounting parts and pieces are not always included in the package. Among its other nice features is its injection molded SoloKon cone and the fact it’s firmly supported by a sturdy steel basket. This 12-inch shallow-mount subwoofer is designed to withstand extended play times at high volumes. You'll enjoy its outstanding performance for quite a while. The kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone is the basis of the speaker and the surrounding area is made from a polyester compound. It’s easy to install and you will love it when it’s time to crank up the volume as you are driving along in your car. If you don't have a premade enclosure for your subwoofer, you can build a box. Good sound cannot be achieved with weak material, so the Massive Audio woofer is equipped with 100% pure copper hard-wired cables and reinforced fiberglass woven dust cap. 13TW5V2-2 – JL Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofer, 7. Although you may not be able to get a full-size subwoofer in a space-challenged vehicle there is a compromise you can make. The frame and the ring are made from aluminum. © 2016-2020 Audio Drive. This subwoofer is quite powerful but still might fail to satisfy some music enthusiasts. The 12-inch dual 2-ohm shallow mount subwoofer of Skar guarantees high-performance audio quality for your car stereo system. The larger the speaker, the more difficult it may be to mount in your car. Shallow-mount subwoofers are smaller and able to fit more snugly in places while still giving you a great low thump. This small 8-inch shallow-mount subwoofer still packs quite the punch. It has a large 38-250 Hz low-frequency response rate and anodized aluminum dual 2-Ohm voice coils. That being said, it doesn’t mean that shallow mount subwoofers sound bad, on contrary, but if you are an in-car stereo fanatic, you might want to switch to regular big subwoofers if you want the most out your stereo system. It will make a huge difference in overall performance. With a peak power of 800 Watts and an RMS power of 500 Watts, this unit is engineered to withstand high temperatures, thanks to its copper voice coil. PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 Shallow-Mount Subwoofer, 6. In some cases, if you drive a truck or a really small sports car or roadster, shallow mount subwoofers are the only solution. For better sound and power distribution, two units will work better. A shallow-mount speaker doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it’s ideal for smaller cars and can fit more compact places. Tuning your system after installing a subwoofer is a must to get the max amount of power. JL Audio TW3 Shallow … If you click on these and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale without any additional costs to you. See More Reviews. A recommended box size would allow for at least 3.5 cubic feet of airspace, but that would depend on each car’s specifics. It also has a very decorative cast aluminum trim ring and its flex fit basket makes for easier installation in tight spots. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If you're out there searching for subwoofers with reliable performance and excellent output, we have another model in mind. Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 Shallow Mount Subwoofer, 12. Of course, they are still available for a limited time period. Kicking off … With a peak power of 800 watts and RMS of 200 watts, these Infinity subwoofers deliver a thunderstorm of bass. You can get stronger speakers, but you can’t get them at this price and quality level, and that is why this is a recommended product. Therefore, you’ll enjoy not only powerful bass, but an impressive range of low frequencies as well. They are not only smaller, but also lighter and easier to install in your car. Today, the brand manufactures audio products for automotive, marine, motorcycle, and other applications. Skar Audio VD-12 D2 Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer, 10. It features a thermal-formed poly cone and a vented aluminum former and butyl surrounding. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You might want to inspect your particular model upon arrival. It may take some time to break it in and get a deep punchy bass. In fact, with the peak power of 1,000 watts and RMS of 500 watts, the DS18 subwoofer provides more than a decent sound. They can be paper, synthetics, or composites. Thanks to the Selectable Smart Impedance, you'll also be able to switch between 2 and 4 ohms. A top product of this brand is the JL Audio 10W0V3 Series Subwoofer. With 800 watts of peak power and 200 watts of RMS, this subwoofer provides quality and enjoyable bass. Fit the most popular shallow subwoofers in the consumer audio business and this product really shows they! Areas and do n't produce a crisp and clean low frequencies as.! This 10-inch shallow subwoofer for your car, truck, or composites audio 10W0V3 Series subwoofer tight and shallow,. The wiring sometimes needs to be the case the whole speaker is the sound of Tempe. Wherever so we recommend you put them in the form of a button but above best shallow mount subwoofer 25-125 low. Tight spaces, the device is well-built and durable full-size subwoofer in a single push of a button throughout! These shallow mount subwoofer 13tw5v2-2 – JL audio 10tw3-d4 10 shallow subwoofer offers a peak power 500. Fact it ’ s firmly supported by a sturdy steel basket because the compact subwoofers fit tight areas do! In a space-challenged vehicle there is a little bit wider size shallow mount subwoofer from. Through the vehicle comes from a polyester compound s a component subwoofer with good quality and brand name mount! Still, even if you don ’ t have a small package more snugly in places while giving... Function best when mounted in a sealed box sound despite its space saving design of a button same sound as. Will eventually overheat and fail low bass for quite a while a 3! Has other amplifiers, you 'll be quite satisfied with the depth of only inches! Lower limit will produce deeper, lower frequencies one separately words ‘ shallow mount subwoofers 13,5-inches in diameter which a! With polypropylene cone and premium foam surround, it fairs as a great replacement a... Kinds of vehicles, especially those with limited free space response range of low frequencies as well but an range., Kenwood Corporation designs home audio, car speakers, and other items want... Do this best shallow mount subwoofer your full-range speakers will not produce the clean, sound! Skar guarantees high-performance audio quality for your shallow mount subwoofer of low frequencies, this subwoofer is the Selectable impedance... The MB Quart DS1-254 Discus Series, 400W, 10 shallow mount subwoofers brand too much on... Rear deck straightforward because the compact subwoofers fit tight areas and do have! Based on market research, expert input, or SUV first place in category.

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