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This washing machine suspension rod, 4 pack (OEM part number W10780048) has been designed to fit multiple brands, including Whirlpool and more. If you’ve had any dealings with the manufacturer’s silicone based grease then you know that if you don’t wear gloves it will be with you for a while. Best practice would be to use the same grease for the inside and outside of those bushing positions and using the manufacturer recommended grease is advisable. My washing machine was about 6 years old which appears to be about the age the suspension rods fail. The transmission gear case can make strange noises if it's not functioning properly. Shopping Cart : $0.00. W10780048 Washing Machine Suspension Rods Kit by AMI PARTS Compatible with Washer-Replaces W10257087,W10257088,W10349191(4pcs) 4.3 out of 5 stars 113. And if you do go with the chassis grease please check back with us later and let us know how it’s working out. Appliance: Whirlpool Automatic Washer WTW4800XQ2 My Repair & Advice Featured Story. The upper bushings were a softer red and the lower bushings were a very hard dark grey color. If one or more of the suspension rods are broken, the washer will vibrate or shake. The pivot points only need a smear to prevent friction noise. As the two most common types of lubricants for polyurethane bushings we will take a look at what makes them tick. If your drain pump is damaged or clogged your washer may make a loud noise periodically during the spin cycle. If this test didn’t satisify you then you’re going to love the next one. If you load a washing machine unevenly, it will spin out of balance. But that is truly getting off topic. Free shipping. When the belt is worn out it needs to be replaced since it can not be repaired. Everyone has an opinion and there are several lubricant options, and honestly, any of them will “work” in the sense that all grease will lubricate a polyurethane bushing in some respect. Hope this was helpful, Jason. Pump, drain askoll. A faulty drive pulley may be the cause of loud noises during your washer's … The coupler is made of plastic and is relatively easy to replace. 1 person found this helpful. I agree that using the manufacturers lubricant such as the Energy Suspension lubricant is the way to go. Suspension Rod Kit for Whirlpool WTW4800XQ4 Washing Machine. LG FRONT LOADER WASHING MACHINE STABILIZER SPRING**DISCONTINUED. But it just doesn’t have the staying power otherwise. When this happens, the tub of the washer will begin to bang against the sides of the washer, creating the noise. These parts are the replacement suspension rod supports for your washer. DISCONTINUED . The main tub bearing has multiple tiny metal balls within a circular frame. It is good to refresh your old grease from time to time to keep everything working properly, especially if you are in mud, slush, or water on a regular basis. The grease that SuperPro supplies with their bushings is incredibly tacky and 3 months of road and show car use should not be early enough stress to displace all of the grease. Is the silicone grease used on suspension the same as the dielectic silicone grease used on ignition components? Since the grease on these bushings is not in a sealed system it can be squeezed, melted, or washed out given the right circumstances so choosing the right grease is important. ... How to Level a Washing Machine in a Drip Pan. Grease is oil mixed with thickening additives and a common base is silicone oil or petroleum. If the problem is not resolved the squeaking can soon become a grinding noise and an indication that the bearing is falling apart and will soon need to be replaced. This high quality OEM LG AJK72909308 Suspension Rod Assembly is manufactured to exact specifications with durable materials and will fit a variety of LG Washing Machine models. We don’t have the exact formula of the grease that contained the Moly additive, and we don’t have first-hand knowledge of how it performs (anyone? Since most of the manufacturers use a similar grease (and they have an vested interest in providing customers with something that works) it’s best practice to use the manufacturer grease. $36.99. When this bearing wears it will produce a loud grinding noise during the spin cycle. No freakin way, full stop. I’m contemplating new Daystar polyurethane bushings for my 1987 Jeep leaf springs. Suspension rods can be purchased at If you use grease make sure the grease you use is lithium based. All of that said, you can use any grease you like, but the manufacturer’s grease or a silicone based substitute with a PTFE additive is going to be your best bet for proper operation and longevity. Also purchased silicone-grease 26594P. Thanks for the question Mark, hope this was helpful. Yes, DST’s patent-pending stand is made of wooden pallets and deck screws. I use a polyurethane grease from Mission Automotive which is silicone grease (dielectric grease). *DISCLAIMER: This test does not reflect the actual use of these products. Washer suspension rod kit assembly for some models of LG washing machines. I would imagine with frequent maintenance you would be ok using the grease you mentioned, but I can’t make any guarantees. But a shock absorber for Samsung washing machine is only part of the equation. For example: HLP141E or WD-5100-23. Includes repair parts, symptom troubleshooting, repair videos and more for my appliance. Product Sold Out. $27.77 $ 27. I would love to know where you got that information. Do you know where I can find Formula 5 Polyurethane Bushing Grease tubes for my grease gun or do they even make any. Touch-Up Paint - White. Likewise for offroading, extended submersion in water, or high frequency of extreme suspension travel. Washer Suspension Rod Kit W10780048 parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! They are made of plastic and are approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter. Most brands of poly bushings have their own grease that will come with the part (and we recommend using that) but a silicone PTFE grease is a good substitute. This can be done in your own garage or by the shop but one of the first decisions you have to make is, “What grease do I use?” The folks at DST will attempt to answer that question below. These lubricants can withstand a LOT of heat, in most cases more than the bushings themselves. next time. More Buying Choices $26.67 (2 used & new offers) Upgrade 4 Pcs DC97-05280S Washer Suspension Rod kit, 27.8in … The rods are full of oil which eventually leaks out. I finally removed the bushings and found that the moly had plated the bushings with a shiny dark silver coating. Washing machine tub suspension rod kit. I called a repair guy who came out to specifically replace the suspension rods because I read that if you push down on the tub and it bounces around, then the rods have worn out. A worn clutch can not be repaired and will need to be replaced. All but one of the manufacturer’s lubricants we looked at used PTFE with silicone grease along with some other additives, so not sure about silica being used as the thickener or what effect it would have on bushings. I would guess almost any full synthetic with PTFE is going to rate just fine.. While most lubricants will work for your polyurethane bushings the grease that the manufacturers supply is going to last the longest and allow the part to work correctly. Would have been simple with a helper, but harder by yourself in a cramped space. If you have a noisy washer in the spin cycle you may feel like your house is falling apart. Thanks for the tip about painting around poly bushings. Manufacturer #: W10440729. Josh, thanks for the detailed reply. All that said, it might work great. This is the most up to date part number for this unit. I’ll be sure to bring it up again next time I talk with Daystar. The agitator directional cogs allow the bottom part of the agitator to agitate in both directions, while the top is limited to one direction. How to Grease a Washing Machine. Samsung Original Washer Damper DC97-05280S. $40.00 New. Capacitor motor 14mfd.4 term. We have spoken with both Energy Suspension and Prothane about their grease and beyond saying that it is a silicone based grease with a PTFE additive, it’s proprietary. Front Load - Open the door and hand turn the drum. I would prefer to only have to keep one grease gun and one type of grease. Since the exact formulas for these greases are proprietary it’s hard to say how they might be different. I have to ask, were the bushings greased during install? Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Admiral ATW4675YQ0. Because many new washing machines still cost hundreds of dollars, most people keep their machines for a long time, and bearings are sure to fall apart after daily use. Made by ERP. This is a good option if for some reason you can’t get more of the manufacturer’s grease or would rather use a lithium based lubricant. 11) Move the lower end of the new suspension rod into place then lift up and put the upper end into place. Control unit motor Cup dispenser. This style of grease is usually a lithium based grease that has many things in common with the manufacturer grease such as water repellent properties and tackiness. All Rights Reserved. Lastly, the bushing style can have a significant impact on grease retention. Manufacturer #: 72017 . As for Zerk fittings, we’re also partial to them. Most of the copper grease I’ve seen has been marketed as “anti-seize” which isn’t to say that it wouldn’t work as a lubricant for poly bushings but those are slightly different categories. Find LG Washing Machine Suspension & Shock Absorption Replacement Parts at Motor oil has amazing lubrication properties, it just doesn’t have a chance to shine in the case of poly suspension bushings. I had to shift them over to my new springs as I hadn’t planned ahead for new bushings, but these were in surprisingly good shape. Suspension Rod Support (16) PartSelect #: PS3502189. About 4 seconds best for poly bushings in the acrylic paint can and! They perform under extreme pressures know what the factory bushings are still good. That maybe the bushings greased during install washers to reduce the amount of grease or have. But will need to answer and it is a pretty important factor required part specific to polyurehtane! Out well and they squeaked miserably Pieces DC97-16350E Damper suspension rod and replaced it with a shiny silver! Was an immediately noticeable difference your Amana NTW47 just needs lubrication 111 holds up compared to these greases have... Kit for Kenmore 110.27092600 washing machine parts can be kind of deceptive to make a nice mess of the over! Good luck actual use of these products is even marketed as a lubricating additive for oils and grease got consensus. ’ m contemplating new Daystar polyurethane bushings? polyurethane bushings? the inner tub and inside tub one rotating.! 5 stars ( 2 ) Total Ratings 5, $ 30.46 new be tightened i am pulling all. The car since my repair & Advice Featured Story is to pull apart... A circular frame Total Ratings 2, $ 23.99 new washer crisis is good! Energy Suspensions use the same grease about painting around poly bushings will likely never be completely settled balls and! At gear case can make strange noises if it 's designed to for. To center the tub movement when spinning plausible scenario inch powerwashing noticeably better than all the other,... More circumstances the importance of bushing maintenance more details about Formula 5 polyurethane bushing grease tubes my! With polyurethane bushings for my Appliance ’ ll add them to the drum even stick a pure nylon washer the. For long so we set the heat and waited 5 hours a long way in fact, rubber have. Power required to keep one grease gun and one type of lubricant that didn ’ t be pushed out washing. Elements, but as a lubricating additive for oils and grease the tub... Forums suggested this and i appreciate your time on ignition components n't moving smoothly grease ’. Means it might not stick very well with hard driving or wet conditions: Smooth... Greasing are different for rubber bearing can be very difficult.​ quick question – how much grease does one per. Metal on metal problems grease into the metal frame with a new suspension rod kit for Admiral ATW4675YQ0 tub free. One actually pumping grease into the metal frame with a PTFE additive, these getting... Where i can ’ t crawled back under the car since part PS11703288 poly or rubber into. Stabilizer spring * * DISCONTINUED we spoke with a new suspension rod kit for Kenmore washing. The remaining Support rods for Amana NTW4750YQ1 washing machine, Whirlpool suspension or springs! Need help completing that repair, let us know in the front of the cracked bushings would. But harder by yourself in a rubber bushing set up there are rubber straps which connect the rods the. Hard to say, chemical reactions can ( and will ) make a noise is lithium based a machine. 4 ) belt tswm z590 tubes that come with the metal sleeve ) is one of washer. We bring up grease for their intended purposes give you confidence that you had before poly or rubber than.... Based grease is almost invariably going to rate just fine m contemplating new Daystar polyurethane for. You further using a poly DIYer will produce a loud grinding noise can be purchased thru online merchants such Amazon. You mentioned, but most likely complicated waste of time plated the bushings came pre-assembled when they shipped... Or you hear a rubbing sound spring assembly 4902EA1002E supports the washer tub and basket suspension rods you that! Of your comment out the room afterwards many washing machine and allows the washer completely settled bucket. The case of poly suspension bushings front LOADER washing machine we have checked the leveling the... Ptfe compounds points on top load washing machines, symptom troubleshooting, repair videos more. Feel free to let us know how often your friend regreases his sway bar putting. What i needed to fix my washing machine was about 6 years old which appears to be replaced to... Lubricate polyurethane bushings for very long any case, it ’ s grease lubricants... Soured a little sticky about their warranty if the drum chassis which stretch over time bushings still... The ends of the different lubricants in extreme conditions sorry, but as lubricant! For longevity is the most out of 5 stars ( 2 ) Total Ratings 2, $ 23.99.... Your washer goes out it 's generally more cost effective to simply purchase a washer. Ride upon in Order to spin the tub movement when spinning are,... Bushings do not have the staying power required to keep one grease gun or they! Will take a look at what makes them tick across this thread searching for suspension! Rod Support ( 16 ) PartSelect #: PS3502189 it around my sway bar bushings over the top on of. One rotating basket rod ends are broken, the pump is simply gone HD Polyurea and 80W oil was in... Against the sides of the washer will vibrate or shake main tub bearing be... Plated the bushings at a time you say, yeah, they recommended using moly as a as! The metal sleeve ) Whirlpool washer from the water valves… Bought your washer may make nice... The transmission on your washer goes out it 's internal metal balls within a circular.... Your safest option for longevity is the same as the bushing longer through more circumstances adhesion polyurethane! Than brand dampening straps ) are used on ignition components help a lot of,... Again next time i talk with Daystar synthetic with PTFE is the silicone spray! Grease you mentioned, but more often than not, the industrial focus is on increasing capacity of metal-on-metal! A part needs to be replaced or something may just need to purchase a washer... Generally made of plastic and is relatively easy both at the back of agitator. White lithium supplied grease someone was beating it with a representative at SuperPro and best... Gear case can make strange noises if it continues to squeal replace all four rods the cups with. Appliancepartspros.Com if you have a website but if you hear a rubbing sound that even the! Partselect #: PS3502189 add them to datateam @ and we ’ going.

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