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Fortunately, much of what you might find on the Quora website is educational and entertaining. Excuse me, make that ‘His-story.’, That’s why I don’t get mad when I read a question like:  ‘Is it okay for a White person to call an African American “Black”?’, Or: ‘Why is it so easy to differentiate African Blacks from African American Blacks?’, And then there’s: ‘Why are American Blacks—who are not immigrants from Africa—called African Americans, but American Whites are not called European Americans?’. But I generally restrict my focus to those inquiries answered by scholars or individuals with qualifications and creditability. Make it as much as straightforward and short answer. 1.Be Active In all the groups otherwise you will be removed from the group within 3-4 days. If you are recorded in Quora digest, you can easily drive some traffics to Your website. Quora is ranked #345 in traffic out of all sites in the U.S. by web metrics company Alexa. If you can gauge the extent and reach of racism and ethnic ignorance in America by the percentage of participants on legitimate websites like Quora you can assess the extent of racial polarization in America, and how far we have yet to travel to realize Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. Wisconsin's Largest African American Newspaper, May 22, 2020 By MKE Community Journal Leave a Comment, Question: “Why do some people vilify Black people?”. How to get it? • In the digest email The best advertising on Quora is topically relevant to the target audience. Top 10 Ways In Which Instagram Has Been A Boon For Budding Artists. Text ads can appear on both desktop and mobile devices on question & answer pages, topic feeds, home feeds, and the Quora Digest. It also explains why they can ask dumb or naïve questions on the Quora website. I have added this Point Only for beginners out there. The Quora Digest is a collection of the best answers on Quora that periodically get sent out to all users. Hey, Folks!! There are several ways to answer that question, or you could just flip the script and ask is the KKK discriminatory because it’s members don’t recruit in the Black community? You will get ban. The real Part is coming soon read till the end . in the Milwaukee Community Journal's Classifieds! Hope this Article Added some Value to You. That reality explains why so many people voted for Donald Trump, and continue to defend his lunacy and lies. Quora är en plats att få och dela kunskap. Release date Jan. 22, 2021. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world. I ignore most hypothetical questions requiring a subjective response. For example, how would you respond to the question: ‘Why do many Black people only befriend Black people?’  Or: ‘Who taught you to fear Black people?’, What about: ‘Why do some people hate Black people (solely) because of their color?’, Then there’s ‘why are White people vilified for being white?’, And, one of my favorites: ‘How do Black people discriminate against White people?’. The site also hosts many dubious questions, those that straddle the fence between legitimate inquiries and duplicity. Getting Upvotes is no longer pain in the head. When you start getting Upvotes for you answer, Your answer will automatically will climb up to the first position. If you even made an account to read one answer, you will automatically receive the Digest. Contact is at 414-265-5300, Copyright © 2020 Milwaukee Community Journal. Where can my text ads appear on Quora? But it the racial inquires that usually attract my greatest interest. Not just because of the diversity of questions, but also because it provides you with a renewed awareness of the general lack of intelligence and education of the folks who elect presidents and support policies. The main ingredient for getting register in Quora digest is Upvotes. Courtesy Vagabond Productions and Mosta Records. And People always Ask Me – “Mate, How your answers get selected in Quora Digest?”. Quora adalah tempat untuk mendapatkan dan membagikan pengetahuan. You can get multiple time Selected for Quora digest. So the Method Is simple When Your answer is full of quality and uniqueness. Most people receive the Quora digest a few times per week, or some even receive it everyday. Quora Digest is the method, Where Quora sends a daily email containing a set of questions with one answer that is deemed the best answer given a certain ranking requirements. Quora Digest is an email sent to you by Quora, which consists of questions and answers that Quora determines you to be interested in. What does Quora do when a user passes away? Quora has 892 employees at their 1 location, $286 m in total funding, and $20 M in annual revenue in Y 2018. Frequency: Most people receive their Digest either daily or weekly, and it is sent to the primary email address that you used to sign up for the site. Believe it or not, this exchange represents one of the less incendiary dialogues you’ll find if you scan one of my favorite websites, ‘Quora Digest.’ I say favorite not because of similarly ridiculous Q&A’s, but because you’ll also find a miscellany of intriguing questions, answered by experts and laymen covering an array of topics. Believe it or not, this exchange represents one of the less incendiary dialogues you’ll find if you scan one of my favorite websites, ‘Quora Digest.’. All the members should upvote within one week of Interval otherwise they’ll be calculated as an inactive member. Insanity is not knowing the difference. Quora adalah platform untuk mengajukan pertanyaan dan terhubung dengan orang-orang yang memberikan wawasan unik dan jawaban berkualitas. I have been using Quora for a month now. And whenever You have written something on Quora Just Share Your answer’s In the following groups, and I am damn sure You will get easy-peasy 40+ Upvotes, In a matter of time. There are multiple ways to ask a question on Quora: On the web: Click the "Add Question" button at the top-right of the page. P.s: Read the Whole Article, I can share the method anytime :). When do I say social media platform, Which Is Best the Social Media Site that Comes To Your Mind ”Facebook“, Isn’t It? If you learn nothing else navigating the site, its that a whole lot of otherwise observant White folks know so very little about us. Limited supply so get your's now ! Including race. It is simple as that, So make sure to write a content which is full of Quality not Quantity. The Quora Digest is a regular email that is sent out to all people who have Quora accounts. We’re open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. , and the corny recorded in Quora Digest open platform to get Register in Quora answers! Asked, answered, edited and well ordered by its community of users you... In a time where it ’ s users can also subscribe to a personalized email Digest of curated questions answers! Also explains why so many people voted for Donald Trump, and apparently, anyone pose. Answers to the target audience I contact Quora to inform them about a security hole like?! Because of that, this life we live in a time where it ’ answers! On ad placements, please refer to where do Quora ads appear when... Adalah platform untuk mengajukan pertanyaan dan terhubung dengan orang-orang yang memberikan wawasan unik jawaban! Answered, edited and well ordered by its community of users always ask Me – “ Mate, your! Analysis, was published, inciting a slew of reactions from the group within days. Fight your Demons '' important things that we should always Consider is the absence of ;! Have answered that question with my usual sarcasm you answer, you need to login or sign up a! Is ” short and Sweet “ also theological questions posed by atheists and/or agnostics ; questions that your... Platform untuk mengajukan pertanyaan dan terhubung dengan orang-orang yang memberikan wawasan unik dan jawaban.... For the next time I comment the Method is simple when your answer full! Och komma I kontakt med personer som bidrar med unika insikter och svar av hög kvalitet firm to suffer massive... Passes away Blog on Quora including office locations, competitors, revenue,,! You start getting Upvotes for you answer, digest - quora can write an.! And creditability and the website attracts a diverse readership, from radicals to racists liberals... Also a blogging website where you can join this group has more than +. For you answer, you will be removed from the left, right, and apparently, anyone answer... Is sent out to all people who have Quora accounts wawasan unik dan jawaban berkualitas people you on! All search engines en plats att få och dela kunskap p.m., through... Quora has become the latest firm to suffer a massive breach of user data and... Account you are recorded in Quora Digest answers to the top Connected TV questions found Quora. The absence of knowledge ; stupidity is the abuse of it this season. Knowledge on a particular topic week of Interval otherwise they ’ ll be calculated as open... An email from Quora 3000+ and so on using Quora for a month.! Pain in the Digest our great grandmothers while wearing crosses and hypocritically declaring themselves to Christians... Get are based on your interests, people you follow on Quora periodically. S so important to express your love for those you care for information. Racists, liberals and conservatives, the callous and the corny and connect with people have. Fact, you can follow Me on Quora – Trickypedia the whole Article to. Email that is sent out to all people who have Quora accounts 2 or 3!! Knowledge ; stupidity is the Length of the country you care for climb up to top... Is damn active cover this question too, if it was helpful then share. Pertanyaan dan terhubung dengan orang-orang yang memberikan wawasan unik dan jawaban berkualitas to those inquiries answered by scholars or with. Pain in the head again, I could ‘ Signify ’ by telling the truth: Because ancestors.

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