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* There is probably no need to call this directly - use setNewsletterCookie(). + '<\/div>' Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Bloomington, IN. .done(function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) { The sun sets over the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum © KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images In addition to its daily tours, Sea Hawk also runs full moon kayaking sessions, so you can see the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s gleaming white exterior glowing under the bright lunar light. + '<\/div>' Inside sitting capacity is limited to 40% and 4 guests per table. No reasons required. Trademarks All trademarks/logo, service marks and official names of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority used in the site are proprietary and the properties of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority only. var name = prefix + cname + "="; ouibounceAPIaccess = ouibounce( loadFontAwesome: false var $form = $(formElement); Email us! // Check if ouibounce exist before calling ouibounce found = false; Without a doubt, it can be admitted that the emirates latest landmark is his masterpiece (click here to see the other must-sees in Abu Dhabi) It took more than a decade, deadline not being held multiple times, but the result is beyond striking. Through 12 galleries, the world-class collection traces humanity's artistic achievements from the Neolithic up to the present day, all the while breaking all norms of traditional museum curation. var expirationMinutes = settings.expiration_minutes; } function setNewsletterCookie(cookieName, value) { + '<\/div>' var $ = window.jQuery; setTimeout(function() { defernl() }, 250); }) , link = document.createElement('link'); $('body').append(signup); closeSignupBar(); This concept, in turn, provided the foundation for the pictographic system. $('#ouibounce-modal') We watched the opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi a few months ago, many having followed the saga surrounding the establishment of the new museum in the Gulf since its official announcement in January 2007. var script = document.createElement('script'); Visit. $modal.find('.newsletter-signup-thank-you').fadeIn('fast'); //if any of these cookies are found, we don't show the modal. // Does the email match our regex? Brand New uses Mercury Text ScreenSmart and Operator ScreenSmart from Hoefler & Co. on New Logo for Louvre Abu Dhabi by Studio Philippe Apeloig, New Logo for Louvre Abu Dhabi by Studio Philippe Apeloig. } Organized into 12 chronological chapters, the Louvre Abu Dhabi's 23 galleries span prehistory to today. Video This may come as a surprise: the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a subtle piece of architecture. We’ll chalk it up to Nouvel’s expectations that the logo turned out so bland, although the graphic above illustrating how the white lines are shaped by the letters in the museum’s name helps a little. var settings = cookieSettings[cookieName]; The Design Development phases followed in 2007 to 2012 and the construction of the museum from 2013 to 2017. // Hide the errors Benjamin Sutton, + '<\/div>' function slideInModal(upOrDown) { expiration_days: 5 .addClass( 'slideIn' + upOrDown ); } + '<\/div>' Thirteen French museums, including the Musée du Louvre, Musée de Cluny, and the Château de Versailles, are lending artworks. expiration_days: 14 + '<\/div>' /** setTimeout(function(){ + '' 3. + '