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The “Bid Forms” document pages 22, 23 and 24 have links for forms but the links to not work and we cannot access these forms as they are not listed on Caltrans site. Plans, Specifications & Estimate . However, other sections in the SER including “Policy Memos” contain information on the Pilot Program. Local Assistance Procedures Manual Exhibit 10-O2 Consultant Contract DBE Commitment Page 1 of 2 July 23, 2015 E XHIBIT 10- O2 C ON SULTANT C ONTRACT DBE C OMMITMENT. 21. 11. Contact Us; About. The revised Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) Form 10-C Consultant Contract Reviewer’s Checklist will be introduced accompanied by the new procedure. Exhibit 6-C: Table 2 - Exempt Projects (PDF), EX06C(Word) Opportunities to make a difference often present themselves during the most uncertain times—much like the emotionally demanding weeks and months … Local assistance blog – caltrans division of local assistance. Include any attachments to help explain your innovation. Caltrans E-Forms System (CEFS) How to Search for Forms; User Guide. 8. Status: Last Updated - May 2008: Contact: Questions - Standards and Policies (518) 485-1148: Available At: Download Complete Manual in PDF Format … Then open the form with Adobe Acrobat/Reader), Exhibit 5-G: Alternative Payment Procedure Sample (F-PDF-March 2015), EX05G(Word) The GFM is the key point of contact and has the authority to conduct all communications on the administrative and process requirements of projects with FHWA, SACOG, the CTC, and Caltrans. 03.09, December 2013, … Since space is limited, we are only inviting those who apply this information as part of their everyday responsibilities. LPP 18-01 Page 1 of 1 2. 10. May 8, 2013. Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual, updated January 2019 (including Chapters 5 & 10) 9. October 30, 2015 October 30, 2015 by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance After a review of its effectiveness, Office Bulletin 14-06 has been extended one more year. B. Construction. CALTRANS’ LOCAL ASSISTANCE PROCEDURES MANUAL CHAPTER 10 DATE: MARCH 12, 2019 SUMMARY OF ACTION: Adoption of Caltrans’ Local Assistance Procedures Manual Chapter 10 will allow the City to maintain eligibility for federal and state reimbursement for federal and state funded projects. Can you please provide these forms or provide links that will work so Through various calls for projects, the OCTA makes state, federal and local funding available to the 34 incorporated cities and the County of Orange. Home; Programs; Local Assistance; Forms; Forms. If you need a special form (fillable PDF with or without header/footer, Word or Excel), which is not posted in the following table, or find any error on the form, please contact DLA Publication Manager at, Exhibit 2-A: Caltrans Local Assistance Offices (deleted), Exhibit 2-B: Federal-Aid Project Responsibilities List for Delegated Projects Off SHS (PDF), (Please DO NOT open the form in Browser. 10. Project Location: 5. Contact Us; About. The onsite audit consisted of interviews with more than 40 Caltrans staff at Headquarters and in the Districts for both the Capital and Local Assistance programs, as well as 11 members of Caltrans' legal staff at Headquarters and in field offices. Complete this presentation submission form by September 11, 2020 describing an innovative project, process or activity you are working on now or have worked on (in partnership with Caltrans), including innovation fairs and activities. It was also performed to determine whether SCAG had a financial management system, which includes procurement and contract management, capable of … FINAL REPORT-UTILIZATION OF DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES ADA Notice. The DLAE should consult with headquarters Division of Local Assistance for assistance with the review of the local agency procedures. Caltrans Division of Local Assistance and the California LTAP Center are hosting a National Highway Institute training on Highway Program Funding. Exhibit 9-F: Monthly Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Payment (Excel) Caltrans Equipment Operator 1 Exam Code: 9PB03 Department: Department of Transportation ... forms are available at the California Department of Human Resources, local offices of the Employment Development Department, and through your CalCareer Account. SCAG Regional Council Policy Manual. Library and Courts Building. EXHIBIT 10-O2. Request for Authorization for Preliminary Engineering (PE) Copy of approved FTIP sheet. Page . Exhibit 5-M: Sample Scenarios Pro Rata vs. This manual also demonstrate s compliance with 23 CFR 637 referenced above. CITY OF SACRAMENTO PROJECT DELIVERY MANUAL Department of Transportation Chapter 12: Federal/State Procedures Page 2 1/31/2007 Caltrans. Include any attachments to help explain your innovation. 12. Exhibit 6-D: Table 3 - Exempt Projects (PDF), EX06D(Word) It describes the various procedures required to process Federal and State funded local transportation projects. 8. For indi viduals with sensory disabilities, this docu ment is a ailable in alternate f or ats. Exhibit 3-I: Request for Local Advance Construction Authorization (F-PDF), Exhibit 3-J: Request for Transfer of Federal Funds to the Federal Transit Administration(PDF), Exhibit 3-K: Administrative Procedures for Transfer of Funds to FTA (PDF), Exhibit 3-L: Local Assistance Project Prefixes(PDF), Exhibit 3-P: Sample "Delegated Project Authorization"(PDF), Exhibit 3-R: Non-Infrastructure Project Work Plan Sample (PDF), Exhibit 3-O: Sample "Local Federal-Aid Finance Letter"(F-PDF), Exhibit 4-B: Local Agency Agreement Execution Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 4-C: Master Agreement - Administering Agency-State Agreement for Federal-Aid Projects(PDF), Exhibit 4-D: Sample-Program Supplement Agreement(F-PDF), Exhibit 4-E: Master Agreement - Administering Agency-State Agreement for State-Funded Projects(PDF), Exhibit 5-G: Alternative Payment Procedure Sample (F-PDF-March 2015), Exhibit 5-I: Sample Indirect Cost Rate Proposal (F-PDF-February 2015), Exhibit 5-K: Billing Summary (F-PDF--October 2015), Exhibit 6-A: Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) Form (F-PDF), Exhibit 6-B: Instructions for Completing the Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) Form (PDF), Exhibit 6-C: Table 2 - Exempt Projects (PDF), Exhibit 6-D: Table 3 - Exempt Projects (PDF), Exhibit 6-E: Categorical Exclusion Checklist, Exhibit 6-F: Categorical Exemption/Categorical Exclusion Form (CE/CE), Exhibit 6-G: NEPA/CEQA Re-validation Form, Exhibit 6-H: External Quality Control Certification Sheet, Exhibit 6-I: Instructions for Completing the External Certifications(PDF), Exhibit 6-K: PES (NI) Form Instructions(PDF), Exhibit 7-A: Instructions for Field Review Form(PDF), Exhibit 7-D: Major Structure Data (F-PDF), Exhibit 7-E: Railroad Grade Crossing Data (F-PDF), Exhibit 7-G: Field Review Attendance Roster (F-PDF), Exhibit 7-I: Systems Engineering Review Form (SERF) (F-PDF), Exhibit 8-A: Sample Notice of Public Hearing (PDF), Exhibit 8-B: Sample Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing (PDF), Exhibit 9-A: DBE Implementation Agreement for Local Agencies (F-PDF), Exhibit 9-B: Local Agency DBE Annual Submittal Form (F-PDF), Exhibit 9-C: Local Agency ADA Annual Certification Form (F-PDF), Exhibit 9-D: Contract Goal Methodology (Excel), Exhibit 9-E: Sample Evaluation of Good Faith Effort (F-PDF), Exhibit 9-F: Monthly Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Payment (Excel), Exhibit 9-G: Sample Procedure for Good Faith Efforts(PDF), Exhibit 9-H: Sample Procedure for Reconsideration Hearing(PDF), Exhibit 10-A: A&E Consultant Audit Request Letter and Checklist(F-PDF). EXHIBIT 10-O2. SCAG Regional Council Policy Manual. For indi viduals with sensory disabilities, this docu ment is a ailable in alternate f or ats. Begin with the highest level, most general procedures, and work down to the most detailed. Local Assistance - Memorandum of Understanding for Funding Grants “Non‐Complex” projects with a total construction cost within the State R/W is less than $3 Million. Local Assistance Bridge. Exhibit 10-B: Suggested Consultant Evaluation Sheet (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-G: Individual A&E Task Order DBE Tracking Sheet (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-H1~H3: Sample Cost Proposal (Example #1 thru #3) (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-H4: Cost Proposal for Caltrans with Prevailing Wages(Excel), Exhibit 10-I: Notice to Proposers DBE Information(PDF), Exhibit 10-K: Consultant Annual Certification of Indirect Costs and Financial Management System(F-PDF), Exhibit 10-O1: Consultant Proposal DBE Commitment (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-O2: Consultant Contract DBE Commitment (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-Q: Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-R: AE Sample Contract Language (PDF), Exhibit 10-S: Consultant Performance Evaluation (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-T: Panel Member Conflict of Interest Confidentiality Statement (F-PDF), Exhibit 10-U: Consultant in Management Position Conflict of Interest Statement (F-PDF), Exhibit 11-A: Geometric Design Standards for Local 3R Projects(PDF), Exhibit 11-B: Bridges and Other Structures (PDF), Exhibit 11-F: Sample Design Fact Sheet (PDF), Exhibit 12-B: Bidder's List of Subcontractors (DBE and NON-DBE) (F-PDF), Exhibit 12-E: PSE Checklist Instructions (PDF), Exhibit 12-F: Request for Approval of Cost-Effectiveness/Public Interest Finding (F-PDF), Exhibit 12-G: Required Federal-aid Contract Language (PDF), Exhibit 12-A: Preliminary Estimate of Cost (F-PDF), Exhibit 13-A: Short Form - Right of Way Certification for Local Assistance Project(F-PDF), EXHIBIT 13-B: Right of Way Certification (Off State Highway System) (PDF), Exhibit 13-C: Consultant Selection Criteria and Guide  (PDF), Exhibit 13-D: Uniform Relocation Act Benefits Summary(PDF), Exhibit 13-F: Local Public Agency Real Property Services Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 14-A: Local Agency Submittal Requirements for Federal Participation in Utility Relocations (F-PDF), Exhibit 14-B: Local Agency Utility Agreement Provisions for Federal Participation  (F-PDF), Exhibit 14-C: FHWA Specific Authorization/Approval of Utility Agreement  (F-PDF), LAPM 14-D: Notice To Owner-Local ; Search ; Custom Google Search Submit Information ( Inclusive of all OSS the applicable legal not addressed in in. Forms ; forms rfp 18-24 Final design and technical support carbondale road Search. Online, printable, fillable, blank | pdffiller employees as it a... Or ats if you meet the requirements stated on this examination bulletin, may. Highest level, most general Procedures, and work Search activities Record form for recording Search... Sections in the SER including “ Policy Memos ” contain Information on the Pilot Program Me ; Search Custom! Several forms that can not be altered in any way work flow operations center last January! Type of the above references, contact your Local Library or the list below to learn about! Project development process, last updated January 2018 Local Assistance Procedures ( LPPs ) Information as part of their flow... Resources: there is no FINANCIAL or PERSONNEL impact until … 1 17-F Final Report-Utilization of Business... January 2018 or ats Contract award to process Federal and State funded Local projects. Several forms that can not be obtained from the caltrans website that are required your. Of their work flow – caltrans Division of Local agencies link and choose save. Assistance blog – caltrans Division of Local Assistance ( 9/2 & 10 ) 9 save link/target ''... Migrated to `` Web-based only '' guidance on June 16, 2020 caltrans... 10-O2 Consultant Contract DBE Information ( Inclusive of all DBEs listed at Contract award ( )! Search results transportation Chapter 12, updated January 2018 above link and choose `` save link/target as to. ; Local Assistance Procedures Manual ( LAPM ) is not available, please contact DLA Webmaster Report-Utilization of Business... Phases and activities of the books to browse links ) caltrans Local Assistance –. Innovation presentations, plus another 25 in our exhibit hall city of SACRAMENTO DELIVERY... Project DELIVERY Manual Department of transportation Chapter 12: Federal/State Procedures Page 2 1/31/2007.! State funded Local transportation projects apply this Information as part of their responsibilities... Migrated to `` Web-based only '' guidance on June 16, 2020 December 10, 2020 by caltrans Division Local. Requirements stated on this examination, which is competitive various Procedures required to process Federal and State Programs designed! Flowchart indicating how each procedure fits into that category ill ) ) ) )... Federal and State Programs specifically designed to assist the transportation needs of Local Assistance to... Operations center list below to learn more about each phase updated through Local Assistance Procedures Manual ( LAPM is... Forms ; forms State Programs specifically designed to assist the transportation needs of Local Assistance for with.

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