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Like Save Mike McGarvey 2 years ago Follow the directions. How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer Using Ironite fertilizer requires On top of that fertilizer, it’s a good idea to fertilize every week or two weeks according to the instructions on your fertilizer. It’s standard 10-10-10 granular fertilizer in two big bags. Expert Gardener Fertilizer , Soil & Seeds See All. I'm doing the "standard" fall regime, so I guess the next time I Lawn is liking it all. Contact Us I applied the whole bag of 30-0 4 expert gardener fertilizer with iron just before Labor Day at bag rate. Many of the substances found in a standard fertilizer, including the main nutrients, can actually damage plants if overused. Expert Gardener All-Purpose Plant Food 2.0 2 0.0 Best Lawn & Plant Food 5.0 Miracle-Gro Quick Start Liquid Plant Food 3 reviews est. Expert Gardner manufactures good quality electric outdoor products at affordable prices. Is it safe to use Expert Gardener's all purpose fertilizer to fertilize my lawn without damaging or burning it out? Traditional fertilizers with weed control do not kill crabgrass. Be careful not to over-fertilize! synthetic fertilizer this season to the lawn.

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