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Coaches Brown and Frank Diaz were shown urging maturity and discipline to their quarterback. At times, the two bonded, but viewers usually watched the coach chew out, bench and threaten to kick the five star transfer from Florida State off the team. …What rang loud and clear was that Henry is, at the very least, a very high-maintenance person. From smaller things like pouting about play-calling, personnel decisions, and a lack of organization at times, to much more significant moments like taunting opposing players with racial slurs, blatant insubordination, and general academic and athletic indifference, one has to wonder if Henry may have shut the door in his football playing career. pic.twitter.com/7MU4Yr3pAc, — Nevada Sports Net (@NevadaSportsNet) October 7, 2019. He just never seemed to mature or be self aware enough to know he needed to for the betterment of himself and the team. I thought about creating a list of the incidents Henry was involved in throughout the season, but the reality is that there were more episodes and games that did have significant incidents than didn’t have them. He had an opportunity to compete for the starting position, but he lost out on it. He previously worked at Yahoo! During the initial season, he played in just three games, throwing for 593 yards and scoring a single touchdown. “That’s stuff that fans and people watching the game wouldn’t hear unless I was mic’d up.”. UPDATED: The third season of “Last Chance U” was highlighted by the brash and profanity-spewing Independence Community College football coach Jason Brown and his highly talented, mercurial quarterback, Malik Henry. This possible change would happen one year after the COVID-19 pandemic originally disrupted all our lives. Malik Henry, quarterback, Seasons Three and Four. www.TheComeback.com is a sports fan website and is in no way affiliated with any professional sports team, league, or its Properties. And while that didn’t initially lead to Henry starting (redshirt freshman Carson Strong won the starting job out of camp and played in a win over Purdue, a loss to Oregon, and a win over Weber State, then senior Cristian Solano led the Wolf Pack to a win over UTEP), he now has a chance after Strong and Solano both struggled in a 54-3 home loss to Hawaii last week. During games, Henry was warned by officials for mouthing off and penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. He was repeatedly vocal about a lack of organization in Brown’s system. Henry couldn’t last at Florida State and appeared to struggle during his time at Independence C.C. He initially joined the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent in 2019, and stuck around on their practice squad until mid-October. “If they didn’t hear that, I believe the series wouldn’t have looked as bad. However, as our Ben Koo wrote in his review of that season, Henry didn’t perform too well on the field (10 touchdowns against eight interceptions) and didn’t exactly come across well on camera: There was very little redemption and rehabilitation to be found for Malik Henry. But now the Wolfpack have reportedly found their starter. Both coach and quarterback share similar backgrounds, coming from equally tough parts of Los Angeles, playing the same position — something that Brown drew from as a bond in his recruitment pitch to Henry. For players like Henry, the series offers next level national exposure, while, at times, providing up too much personal information that could potentially scare recruiters away. Where Is Malik Henry Now? Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Even so, the quarterback is grateful for the “Last Chance U” experience and the reach of the Netflix series. For the Independence players, the junior college program offers a shot at salvaging their football futures in the wake of off the field or personal differences at other, more high profile universities. Rippy's threats against Ohio State players and fans from 2018 have now led to him being sentenced to jail time. “But TV is TV and they have to sell.”. “For the last three seasons, we have prioritized authenticity and honesty in our storytelling, and will continue to do so in our upcoming fourth season.”, “I think Greg Whiteley, the director, did a great job,” Henry added. Andrew Bucholtz is a staff writer for Awful Announcing and The Comeback. But things are now trending up for him; Henry joined the Nevada Wolf Pack as a walk-on this January, and Monday saw him announced as their starter for this week’s game against San Jose State. “They put in a lot of my trash talking,” Henry points out. Blake Snell was dominating at 73 pitches, and then pulled after allowing one single. So was the depiction of their relationship accurate, or was it beefed up to intensify the drama for the Netflix docuseries? “They had a lot of opportunities to but they didn’t.”. “Some people get to see the other side of Malik, the background story of me,” he says. “They just didn’t show both sides and they could have shown both sides,” he said. The New Orleans Saints practice squad exchanged one wide receiver for another by signing Malik Henry, a second-year pro out of West Georgia. Copyright © 2020 www.TheComeback.com - All Rights Reserved - Trademarks used herein are property of their respective owners. If he’s currently a football orphan with what’s already known about him, I’m hard-pressed to think a major D1 program will see the pattern of behavior shown in this season and want to take a chance on Henry now. Here's more on his decision to give Malik Henry his first FBS start on Saturday. Carson Strong, a redshirt freshman, beat out former Florida State and Independence Community College quarterback Malik Henry… We’ll see what Henry does with this next chance. Interestingly, Henry wound up sticking around with Independence for another year, and wound up in a quarterback battle there that he initially lost (amidst everything else going wrong for the team, and with much of that chronicled on camera).

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